Curriculum Enhancement Donation


The GHMS Curriculum Enhancement fund supports new and exciting virtual learning opportunities for all students that expand grade level curriculum and objectives.  All Curriculum Enhancement activities are teacher driven and are designed to support the district curriculum. The fund provides additional opportunities to enhance the learning experiences for our children.


The benefits of the Curriculum Enhancement programs to the students and teachers are immeasurable.  If you would like to donate directly to these educational programs then this is the fundraiser for you! 



  • Your donation goes directly to Curriculum Enhancement programs.
  • Virtual programs include IXL for Math, Gizmos & BrainPop for Science, BrainPop for ELA and Breezin' Thru Theory and Composing for Chorus.
  • The fund also provides online Scholastic subscriptions.  
  • Please click here to learn more about has been funded in past years.  


The GHMS PTO is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) corporation so your one time donations is tax deductible and 100% of the funds will directly benefit our faculty, staff and students.


  One-Time Donation

Are you already feeling overwhelmed this school year?  Would you love to support the faculty, staff and students at GHMS but would rather do anything other than bake, sell something or have to buy anything? Do you wish there was a magic easy button to help show support for GHMS with no strings attached?  Then our one time donation is the fundraiser for you! 


What does your one time donation help to fund?

  • Teacher Appreciation - monthly meals, treats, Teacher Appreciation week in May, etc...
  • Grants for each grade level, Related Arts and Special Education for necessary purchases to supplement their grade/curriculum.
  • 8th grade promotion and events
  • Please click here to learn more about has been funded in past years.  

easy, effortless and rewarding - we all win!

  • This fundraiser allows our families to support the PTO efforts without leaving your seat! You give a one-time donation and we handle the rest.
  • Recommended donation is $75 per family and 100% of your funds go to our PTO and are 100% tax deductible.  We love donations in any amount so please donate what you can. 

  • If each family is able to donate a minimum of $75, we could raise over $60,000 without selling one thing!

Best news ever, right?  Plus, every donation is tax deductible. 

  • Please help us by contributing now at the beginning of the year.
  • Support the GHMS PTO, faculty, staff and students.
  • Once we receive your donation, we will email you a donation receipt. 




Click here for more details on corporate matching and double your donation.